Easy Option Trading

A Simple System for Trading Options


Program Benefits:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Simple User-Friendly Portal
  • 5+ hrs: HD Product Videos
  • Learn Trading Strategies that Work in Up, Down, and Sideways Markets.
  • Interactive Trader Forum
  • iPad and Mobile Friendly
  • Resource Center to Help Simplify Your Trading
  • Live Webinar Meetings
  • Bonus: Live Trading Videos
  • Online Streaming Delivery: $497

Part 1: The Foundation for Trading Success

  • Learn Important Trading Ideology
  • Understanding Core Trading Fundamentals
  • Building a Succesful Trader Mindset
  • Learn all About Exchange Traded Funds
  • Understanding the Difference Between Debits & Credits
  • An Introduction and Overview of Futures
  • How to Open a Brokerage Account: Live Demo

Part 2: Understanding Options & The Greeks

  • Learn How Options Are Priced
  • Understanding In-the-Money
  • How to Read the Options Chain
  • The Importance of Delta
  • Learn About Time Decay in Options
  • Understanding Volatility and Vega Risk
  • How to Read an Option With a Dashboard
  • Live Trading Explanation of The Option Greeks

Part 3: Candlestick Charting & Technical Indicators

  • Learn the Top 12 Candlestick Formations
  • Determining the Relative Strength
  • Understanding the “Ultimate Trend Following Tool”
  • Learn About Trading with Bollinger Bands
  • How to Use Fibonacci Retracements in Your Trading
  • Combing Indicators for an Effective Technical Analysis System
  • FREE BONUS: Setting up Custom Charts 

Part 4: The Easy Option Trading Strategies

  • You Will Learn 4 Bullish Option Trading Strategies
  • You Will Learn 3 Bearish Option Trading Strategies
  • You Will Learn 2 Sideways Option Trading Strategies
  • Using Real Trade Analysis & Examples to Help Explain Concepts
  • Understand the Difference Between Debit and Credit Spreads
  • Learn the Importance of “Defined-Risk” Spread Trading
  • Understand How to Choose the Right Trading Strategy for a Given Market
  • Learn How to Execute the Strategies with Live Trading Demo’s

Part 5: Creating Your Custom Trading Plan

  • Learn the Key Money Management Principles
  • Understanding and Defining Your Trading Style
  • Learn the Four P’s in Creating Your Trading Plan
  • How to Structure Your Trading Plan
  • Understanding the Importance of Back-testing
  • The Easy Option Trading Capital Preservation Rules
  • Bonus: The Easy Option Trading Plan