Meet the Founder

Tyler Chianelli is the founder and CEO of Option Trading Coach. He is the head trader and educator running both the Trading Mastery Program and the growing Options Trader Club. Formally a professional trader, he has turned his focus to financial education to foster a new and improved trading community (of his own) to promote smart trading and influence a new breed of options traders.

About Product

The Trading Mastery Program is a thorough and worthy jumpstart to any trading and investing career. Catering to both beginners and intermediate traders, the Program contains volumes worth of professional trading knowledge using detailed explanations, back-tested technical systems and live trading examples to teach in a genuine and transparent way.

For beginners, there is the opportunity to start from the ground up. Open your first brokerage account, learn how the Stock Market operates, learn how to read a chart with candlesticks, understand the intricacies of the options chain, and how to best implement each of the 20+ trading strategies taught inside the program. The goal of the Trading Mastery Program is to cultivate confidence, clarity, and strategy though extensive education and knowledge in trading on your own.

For intermediates, you can utilize cutting-edge options strategies, focus on new technical analysis indicators in your trading research and learn how to effectively manage your money (and RISK) to keep your portfolio(s) safe and secure. Most intermediate traders get caught in a pattern and get into a comfortable routine with their trading. These “routines” cans stifle your trading and your market knowledge. The Trading Mastery Program allows you to incorporate several different trading strategies and find out exactly what the possibilities are for you (depending on your risk tolerance, account size, overall plans, etc.)

The Trading Mastery Program is Option Trading Coach’s flagship product for a reason: all traders seek to complete their trading knowledge. For many different types of traders, the Program will do just that. Strengthen your trading habits, expand your trading knowledge, find your true trading style and manage your money correctly…all with the Trading Mastery Program.